Beer Education

Beer education is an important part of Free The Hops' mission.

We want you to know and understand the wondrous complexities of beer: its history, why the balance of ingredients like malt and hops changes the flavor, how to tell the difference between a lager and a pale ale, how beer should be served, and how best to enjoy it.
On these pages, we provide you with some beer basics: beer styles, ideas for beer and food pairings, and other articles and information about this often misunderstood beverage.

We plan to expand this area over time so be sure to check back for even more information about your favorite beverage

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Free The Hops I Alabamians for Specialty Beer is a grassroots non-profit consumer advocacy organization whose successful lobbying efforts to reform hostile laws have helped make Alabama one of the most vibrant and welcoming beer markets in the USA. As a craft beer consumer advocacy organization, our mission is to work within our communities to educate the public, support the industry at large, and remain vigilant watch dogs on legislative processes.