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Decatur is the newest chapter of Free the Hops, coming to fruition in early 2016. At the urging of local small business owners eager to help grow the emerging craft beer scene in the River City, Justin Klinkenberg was offered and accepted the position of Chapter Head. Working with local businesses and Third Friday events, membership in the new chapter soon swelled to over 70 people. Decatur is continuing to grow and find a modern identity, bolstering an emerging downtown Arts and Entertainment District with multiple restaurants featuring craft beer and a new brewery opening in 2017, among other exciting developments. Free the Hops is continuing to find new and exciting ways to be involved in Decatur, and we hope you will join us in doing so.

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Justin Klinkernberg - Chapter Head

Justin grew up in North Alabama, and joined FTH in 2014 after moving back. The opportunity to become involved in the community, with the added bonus of enjoying good beer, was greatly appealing to him. He quickly became very active within the Huntsville Chapter. After expressing interest in helping with the new Decatur Chapter, he was offered the Chapter Head position in early 2016. Justin is dedicated to helping support the emerging craft beer scene in Decatur, and looking forward to exciting opportunities moving forward.

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